Specialist Dementia Programme

CQ3 prides itself on its Specialist Dementia Programme. This comprises a toolbox of interventions designed to enable you to care for people with dementia in the most effective way. Our service starts at a basic training level, but is reinforced by other methods of learning validation for those who really want to the most out of our programme.

People with dementia are real people with real lives. Our approach to dementia training is simple: we think about the person. If you want to be the best at caring for people with dementia, why not give us a call to discuss our Programme in more detail on 0330 660 0013.

Dementia Consultancy – we offer specialist consultancy on dementia. This can include an assessment of your dementia training needs or the design of a new dementia unit.

Dementia Training – we provide entry and advanced level dementia training courses at a general level, but also have a number of developed programmes that are very specialist to specific dementia issues and challenges.

Dementia Qualifications – this provides the underpinning knowledge and is on the new QCF system. We can provide dementia qualifications.

Dementia Coaching and Mentoring – we can reinforce dementia learning with coaching and mentoring sessions for your staff.

Dementia Workshops – these are designed to allow staff to share their experiences about dementia and learn about best practice methods available. They’re very practical.

Dementia Evaluation – we’ll evaluate the success of our training programme as standard, but if you want a detailed evaluation for your organisation, we’re happy to provide this too.

Click here to see our range of Dementia training courses or click here to view our Dementia qualifications.

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